South Shore Seahawks

LTP U6 and U8 Mite Development



We are excited to announce the transition of our Learn to Play Hockey and Mite Development programs from "in-house" to "league play" within the Bay State Hockey League!


What does this change mean?  For Seahawks families new to the Learn to Play or Mite Development levels, these programs have traditionally operated "in-house" within the Seahawks organization, i.e., all games were played against other U6 / LTP or U8 / Mite Dev teams made up exclusively of other Seahawk players within those levels.  By enrolling our U8 / Mite Development and U8 / Learn to Play teams with the BSHL, those teams will now participate in "league play" and compete in games against other towns (the U8 / Mite Dev and U6 / LTP teams from Marshfield, Pembroke, Duxbury, etc.). All practices / skills will remain on Seahawks ice with Seahawks coaches, the move to BSHL only impacts games.


The Learn to Play Hockey Program becomes "U6-Learn to Play Hockey" (2016 and 2017 birth years)

- Games are typically on Sundays at the Bog Ice Arena (Kingston) on the “mini-rink.” Format is 4v4, small nets, blue pucks, league referees, and goalies! (Game schedule set by BSHL).  First four games are parity to determine “gold” or “silver” division.  18 regular season games with standings, 4 playoff games guaranteed (26 games total). 

- 1x practice a week; Saturdays, 8:30 a.m., Hingham, Rink A (optional Tuesday skills for additional cost**)

- Cost $950 (Season runs from Sept - March) (jersey and socks included)

**U6 optional skills session on Tuesdays, at Hobomock (Pembroke), Rink 2 at 5:40 (additional $350). This is intended for U6 players who have completed a season Learn to Play Hockey, or feel the player is ready for accelerated development. The U6 optional skills will be with U8 - Mite Dev players.

The Mite Development Program becomes "U8 - Mite Development" (2014 and 2015 birth years)

- Games are typically on Sundays at the Bog or Rockland Rink and follow USA Hockey Guidelines (half sheet of full ice with hard dividers, 4v4, small nets, and blue pucks).  BSHL provides leagues referees and timekeepers (Games scheduled by BSHL).  First 4 games for parity to place teams into “Gold” or “Silver” divisions; 20 regular season games with standings; 4 playoff games guaranteed (26 game schedule).

- 2x practice / skills per week (Tuesday, 5:40 pm, at Hobomock (Pembroke), Rink 2; and Saturdays, 7:20 am., at Pillgrim (Hingham), Rink A)

- Cost $1300 (Season runs from Sept. - March) (Jersey and socks included)



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